Picsart CB Photo Editing Tutorial


Picsart cb photo editing tutorial – Hello friends welcome to all of you in picsart cb photo editing. I am your friend Bhimraj and through this article I am going to tell you about cb photo editing using picsart app. Along with this you will also be given cb background image. Today’s photo editing is going to be very attractive and interesting, so read this article till the end. There is a very easy way to do cb editing using the Picsart app and it is also the most popular app for photo editing in the world. We hope that you are also a photo editor, that’s why you have come to our website.


Picsart CB Photo Editing Tutorial

Picsart CB Photo Editing

About Picsart Editing ➤

Picsart is the world’s most popular android application based on a photo editing. More futures are seen in this app than other editing apps. By the way, this is considered the best app for editing you. Because in this you are some futures which are quite popular. Within the Tools option in the Picsart app, you get to see 12 futures, using which you can edit the photos in any way. Like photo crop, light adjustment, curves color grading, photo rotate etc. Using the retouch option, you can remove pimple from the face of photos and at the same time smooth the skin. The most important thing about the Picsart app is that it has brushes and mask options. You can apply different types of effects to photos using the Brushes option. Like glowing heart effect, night star effect, butterfly png, autumn tree and many more etc.

You can easily download this application from play store. Like in this article I’m going to provide you cb photo editing tutorial and background.

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Picsart CB Photo Editing Background HD

Picsart CB Photo Editing Background HD



Picsart CB Photo Editing Video ➤

Picsart cb photo editing tutorial are only for you which are the best. If you are interested in picsart editing then this article is very important for you. To learn picsart cb editing, we have given a link to a video below. Seeing it, you can do great cb photo editing.


Picsart Photo Editing Tutorial

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  Autodesk Editing CB Background Images

  Photo Editing CB Background HD Images


Picsart CB Photo Editing _ Method ➤

Friends, to do this cb photo editing, you will need at least three editing apps. Like photoroom app to erase background, autodesk sketchbook app to make face smooth and hairstyle, picsart app to add background. It is very easy to do CB editing using these three apps and I have explained below in the following steps. You will be able to make great CB photo editing by reading those steps.


 Background Erase – Photoroom

>First of all download photoroom app from play store

>Now share the normal picture from your gallery in the photoroom app, and yes one thing must be kept in mind that the data of your mobile must be open. Because this app cannot run without internet.

>Now wait for few seconds

>After erasing the background of the photo, select the transparent photo in the above three

>Now share the picture in your gallery by clicking on the download arrow from above.


Background Change – Picsart App

>So friends, now download the app from play store to change the background of the picture.

>First of all share cb background in picsart app

>Now add your transparent model photo from gallery which you want to edit by pressing add photo option

>Now share this picture in your gallery


 Color & Light Adjustment – Lightroom App

So friends, to fix the color and light of the picture, install the Lightroom app on your mobile from the play store.

  • First open the lightroom app
  • Now add photo from gallery by pressing add photo option
  • then open the photos in lightroom
  • Now fix the color effect of your photo using the color tool
  • After that fix the light of your picture using the light tool. like
  • Exposure, Highlights, Blacks, Contrast, Shadows etc.


Face Smooth & Hairstyle Editing – Autodesk App

For face smooth and hairstyle editing, you must have autodesk app installed in your mobile. You can download this app from play store

  • First open the photos in autodesk app
  • Now press the three numbers option from above
  • After that select the number 7 brush of the smudge option
  • Set the brush’s settings (Follow 4% and strength 20%) size according to you.
  • Now run this brush on your face and smooth the face well
  • To fix the hairstyle, click on the library and select the 1 number option
  • ( Follow 20% and strength 21%) ( Size = 10 )
  • Now you can customize your hairstyle



Friends, how did you like this cb photo editing tutorial article and what kind of articles do you want to read on our website next. If you have any problem in downloading our editing stocks. Tell us all these things in the comments.

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