Top 5 Apps For Face Smooth Editing


Top 5 Apps For Face Smooth Editing – hello everyone how are you all, hope all is well. So today we are going to help those people through this article, people want to make their face smooth, means to remove pimple from face. Nowadays everyone wants our face to be chicken, but many people’s faces get very bad. Due to which their pictures look very bad, for those people, I have told about the top 5 apps. By using which you can make your face glow and smooth. Friends, you would know that face smooth photo editing is going on in trending nowadays. So if you also want to learn face smooth photo editing then definitely read this article till the end.

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Top 5 Application For Face Smooth Editing ➤


Autodesk App For Face Smooth ➤

Autodesk app is a powerfull app for face smooth photo editing, which you can easily download from play store. In this, there are tools available in you by hitting a brush, using which you can smooth your face in a very good way. By the way, the autodesk sketchbook app is also considered the best app for face smooth editing in this world.

  Autodesk App Download

Face Smooth_ Method 

  • For face smooth editing, it is necessary to have autodesk app installed in your mobile.
  • First open the photos in autodesk app
  • Now press the three numbers option from above
  • After that select the number 7 brush of the smudge option
  • Set the brush’s settings (Follow 4% and strength 20%) size according to you.
  • Now run this brush on your face and smooth the face well
  • Now you can smooth your face


Snapseed App For Face Smooth

You are very good at Snapseed photo editing, which you can easily download from play store. There are 29 tools in the Snapseed app, using which you can smooth the face of your photos in just one click.

  Snapseed App Download

Snapseed face smooth _ Method

  • open photo in snapseed app
  • Now select the option with tools
  • Then select the portrait option
  • Now select combo one
  • Face Softlight 40 %
  • Skin Smoothing 30%
  • Eye Clarity 20%
  • Now you are done and can share this photo in gellary


Airbrush App For Face Smooth

With the help of Airbrush aap, you can get rid of pimples from your face in a very easy way. In this app you can make your skin skin very smooth. By the way, airbrush aap is considered a powerful app to create Bokeh effect background. But we can also use this app in face smooth photo editing.

  Airbrush App Download

>First open the photos in airbrush app

>Now click on retouch and press smooth option

>After that, with the help of light and heavy options, you can smooth the face and that too with texture.


Photoshop Application For Face Smooth

Photoshop is such an app in which the tools you get are not available in other apps. Well Photoshop is a software too and so are you. Photoshop is considered to be the most powerful editing app and software in the world. By using this you can do face smooth editing in an easy way.

  Photoshop App Download


Picsart Application For Face Smooth

Picsart is an editing pay based android app. In this you we design your photos. Picsart app is the most popular app among editing apps. With the help of this app we can make the faces of the pictures scream. We hope that you will also like to smooth your face.

  Picsart App Download


Picsart skin Smooth_ Method

>Open the photo in picsart and select the retouch option

>Now smooth the face by clicking on the smooth option


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