Lightroom Photo Editing Tutorial In Mobile


Lightroom Photo Editing Tutorial In Mobile – Hello everyone, welcome to lightroom photo editing. I am your dost Bhimraj’, I am back with lightroom photo editing. So through this article we are going to help all the users of lightroom. For those who use the Lightroom app to fix the color and lighting effect of their photos, this article is very special. We edited a picture of an old car with new technology in Lightroom. As you can see in the picture above. By the way, editing photos with the help of lightroom app is quite easy. But editing photos with a new technology is very difficult. That’s why today we will teach you to edit photos completely using a new technique.

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Lightroom Photo Editing Tutorial In Mobile

Lightroom Photo Editing Tutorial In Mobile

About Lightroom app ➤

Lightroom is a great app and software for color effects and lighting adjustments for photos. This app is considered to be the most powerful color grading app in the world and the most important thing about it is that it is very easy to use. Even a normal person can edit photos using Lightroom. Lightroom app was created by adobe company. By the way, lightroom was first made for windows, macbook, pc. But after some time after lightroom became very popular, adobe company decided to release lightroom for android mobile. Seeing the great success of Lightroom on the windows platform, Adobe also made everyone’s android app.

You can easily download Lightroom app from play store and do amazing editing of your photos. If you want more futures in lightroom app then you can buy premium version. Friends, if you are a photo editor then it is important for you to have it in your mobile.


About – Lightroom Photo Editing Tutorial In Mobile ➤

Yesterday we went for a walk in the forest. There was an old car parked somewhere for years. So I thought why not do this and click some photos. So I clicked 4 photos of that sad car from my mobile and came to my house. After that I edited those photos with a new technique in the lightroom app. Then I thought to share this technique with my friends so that they too can edit photos using this art.


Lightroom Curves Tool Full Tutorial ➤

We have made a video for you on youtube of complete information about lightroom photo editing, whose link we are providing you. You can learn more about the lightroom photo editing technique by watching the video from the link. If you want to become a professional photo editor, then watch and understand this lightroom editing video carefully. We hope that you will like this video of lightroom editing and you will also share it with as many people as possible.

Friends, if you liked our video, then definitely share it with your friends. Increase our motivation by subscribing to our youtube channel and liking the video. So that in future also I can make articles and videos of this type for you.



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Photo Editing Technique_ Method ➤

So come people now we know how you can edit photos in lightroom using a new technique. Following are the simple steps for doing light adjustment, color grading, color creation etc of the picture which you have to go through.

>First open the photos in lightroom app

>After that first select the light tools

Now light adjustment – 

  • exposure
  • highlights
  • shadows
  • contrast
  • blacks
  • whites

>according to the brightness of your photo

Color grading

>Click on the color tool and select the mix tool option

>Now adjust the color according to the color effect of the pictures

>Then go back one step and select the color grading option

  • Shadows
  • highlights
  • midtones
  • global

>You can adjust all these through your technique




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