5 Mobile Photography And Videography Tricks


5 Mobile photography and videography tricks –  Friends, in today’s article, we are going to do five such explosive photography and videography, whose results you are going to enjoy a lot. All the photos and videos I have shot in this article, you can shoot with your own smart phone. Along with this you will also get to learn new tricks and tips of photography and videography. So that’s why definitely read this article till the end. You all must know that the trend of photography and videography is going on a lot these days. Some people like to shoot photos and videos from their phones. But they do not have much information, that is why they are not able to maintain the settings of the camera well. To help all those people, we have done this photography and videography.


5 Mobile Photography And Videography Information  ➤

So people if you want to watch video of 5 mobile photography and videography then you can watch on our channel ur smart maker. In the video I have told you in a proper way how you can do photography and videography with the help of your smart phone. Friends, we have told some such new tricks and tips in the video that you will not find anywhere. Well you must have seen many videos about photography and videography in this world. But those videos do not contain complete information. That’s why I have made a complete video on photography and videography for you so that you can do photography like a professional photographer by watching this video.

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Top 5 Mobile Photography And Videography Tricks ➤

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1.Creative Toy Videography

First of all you have to take a truck toy and take an umbrella with it. After that a mobile mount is also to be taken which is mounted on the tripod. Now the mobile mount has to be pasted on the truck toy. After that, a water bottle has to be hung over the umbrella while turning it upside down. Now you have to start the video recording of your mobile and drag the truck toy forward with the help of thread. The model will walk just right behind the toy with the umbrella. You have to record the video together. Now you can watch the video for how the final results are made. Links are given below.


2 .Horar Type Photography

The photos are going to be very dangerous. So read carefully how to shoot it. First of all, you have to take five fake nails and stick those nails on the five fingers. After pasting the nails in all the five fingers, now take a primary black color and apply them completely on your palm and nails. Now to shoot the photo, you have to take a black curtain and hang it on any wall. Now the boy whose photo is to be taken, has to stand in front of the black screen. After that, the boy on whose hand we had done the nail and color, he will keep that boy’s face on the right side. Now let’s do the photo. Click. The photo is very cool and amazing and you say to watch its video, I have given the link of the low youtube video.


3. Sed Videography Tricks

The results of the video are going to be quite amazing, so how to shoot this, read this paragraph carefully.

First of all, take a rose and keep that rose on the ground.

Now set fire to the rose. After putting it in Rose today, you have to keep your mobile upside down right in front of you.

Now the video recording has to be started and the model who will remain will walk backwards and extinguish the fire of the rose with one of his feet. So after recording the video, the video has to be reversed in any reverse app. You can see the final results in the video below.


4. Amazing Mobile Photography

In trick number for, we have done an amazing photography for you.

First of all, you have to take a lot of cotton and take a wire with it.

Now make this wire into round sep and stick the cotton over that wire in round sep.

Now take a chair and make the model stand on the chair. After that, by lying on the ground just in front of the chair, placing it above the wire pasted with cotton, click the photo with the wide angel camera of the mobile. You can see the final result in the video below.


5. Amazing Videography Tricks – 

First of all, take a can of cold drink, along with a mobile mount.

Now the mount has to be affixed to the side of the can of colddrink.

Then make a hole in the colddrink can and tie a long thread on it and simultaneously put the mobile on the mount.

Now watch the video given below to learn this videography further.


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