Amazing 17+ Lightroom Presets Free Download


Amazing 17+ lightroom presets free download. Hello my dear brothers and sisters, all of you are welcome to our website background stocks. My name is Rakesh and in today’s article I am going to provide you 17+ lightroom presets for free. I have created these presets for professional photo editing and photography, which are quite popular and exciting. Seeing the increasing population of photo editing, I felt that editing users should be helped. So that’s why I made these presets for you. So that you can enhance the beauty of photos by applying these presets to your photos.


Latest New Lightroom Presets


This presets collection is quite expensive which I am giving you absolutely free because I want to help you.

It took me a lot of time and effort to make this presets, so to make our hard work successful, share these presets with as many people as possible, so that I can help you in further photo editing.


Information Of Amazing 17+ Lightroom Presets 

This collection of  amazing 17+ lightroom presets is free for you, you can download them now. It took me a whole day to make these presets, so you will know how much effort has gone into it. So that’s why please share these presets with as many people as possible. In this presets collection, you will find almost all types of presets of color and blur, cinematic, fade etc. How to download and use these presets, I have explained everything below. So that’s why read this article till the end.


What Is Lightroom Presets

In the Lightroom app, the mixture of colors on a normal photo such as vibrance, setuation, tint, tamp etc. and illumination adjuat exposure, contrast, blacks, whites etc. is corrected and saved. So it’s called preset. We can also share presets with each other. As I share new presets with you everyday, and I hope it helps you in photo editing.

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Complete Information Of Lightroom Mobile App

Lightroom is a great app and software for color effects and lighting adjustments for photos. This app is considered to be the most powerful color grading app in the world and the most important thing about it is that it is very easy to use. Even a normal person can edit photos using Lightroom. Lightroom app was created by adobe company. By the way, lightroom was first made for windows, macbook, pc. But after some time after lightroom became very popular, adobe company decided to release lightroom for android mobile. Seeing the great success of Lightroom on the windows platform, Adobe also made everyone’s android app. You can easily download Lightroom app from play store and do amazing editing of your photos. If you want more futures in lightroom app then you can buy premium version.  Amazing 17+ lightroom presets free download.


System Requirements For Use Amazing 17+ Lightroom Presets

To use these 17+ lightroom presets, you must have 6 GB Ram Android mobile for working, and that mobile should have 64 GB storage. Also the latest version of lightroom app must be installed in your mobile. You will be able to use these presets only when you comply with these conditions.


Amazing 17+ Lightroom Presets Free Download 

So friends you like these presets and you want to download them. But you do not know how to download them. I have created a Zip File of all these xmp presets and I have uploaded that Zip File to Google Drive. I have given the link of that Zip File at the bottom of this article. From there you can download. All you have to do is follow the steps given by me below.

  •  First of all press the download button which is given at the bottom of this article.
  •  After that open that link in chrome browser or any other browser.
  •  Now press the download arrow given in the light side at the top
  •  Zip file download start


How To Add Presets in Lightroom Mobile App ( Zip To Unzip ) Process

So guys now I am going to tell you how you can add xmp presets to lightroom app. If you are already familiar with xmp presets then you can skip this Paragarph. There is an easy way to add Xmp presets, which I’ve outlined in some of the following steps below.

  •  First of all download the Zip File from the Download Button
  • After that open ZArchiver app on your phone
  • Now open the Downloads folder of the device memory
  •  then press xmp presets zip file
  •  Now enter Password = 1717


Presets Add_Method

So friends, now you are able to see that Zip File has been unzipped and a separate folder has been made above. Inside which you will get to see 50+ dng and xmp presets.

>First of all open your photo in lightroom app

>After that press the presets option and select yours option

>Now press on the top 3 Dost icon

>Then select the device memory and open the download folder

> Now press and hold on one of the presets file

> Then by clicking on the 3 dot icon, select the select all option and click on select

>Now you can see that all the presets have been added to lightroom.



Lightroom App Download

Zarchiver App Download


How To Use Amazing 17+ Lightroom Presets

Using xmp presets is a bit tricky compared to dng presets. First of all open the photos in lightroom by adding them to the lightroom app. Now select yours option by selecting the presets option. After that add the presets from device memory by clicking on the menu and apply to your photos. Hope you have got complete information about using xmp presets.

Presets Download



  • Can download now
  • All types dng and xmp presets
  • New and latest presets 2022
  • All time update and support
  • All premium presets
  • Suitable for use in photo editing and photography



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