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Hello friends welcome all of you to our website background stocks. So in today’s article we are going to tell you about best 5 online earning apps and how to earn money online, using which you can earn millions of money online sitting at home. This article is important for those who want to earn money online sitting at home, because through this article I have given complete information about online earning apps. Friends, you all must know that nowadays people are earning money in lakhs online sitting at home and living their life well. A common man in this world also has android mobile nearby, but they do not know that, we can withdraw our expenses through our smart phone. That is why I have brought you top 5 online earning apps, which are very easy to use and can earn a lot.

Complete Information Of Best 5 Online Earning Apps And How To Earn Money Online

I have told you the best online earning apps of this world and have also described them completely, so that you do not have any problem in earning money from these apps. You just have to read the following steps mentioned by me. I can tell you with a claim that if you read this article till the end then you can earn money online sitting at home. First of all I have told about earning money from dream 11, after that I have told how to earn money by creating channel on youtube. Then Ludo game, rummy game and mpl have been told. So come people, now we know how you can earn in lakhs by using these best 5 online earning apps.

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How To Earn Money From Dream 11

What Is Dream 11

Dream 11 is a games online earning android application aap, using which people are earning money in lakhs in today’s time. So you too can earn a lot by using this app. You can earn a lot of money by making your team in all the games in this app. Games available in dream 11 like cricket, football etc. Out of all these games, you are paid the most money in the cricket game. You put your team in Mega GL in cricket game and your team comes in number one then you can earn money in crores. Dream 11 is the best appcatipn to earn online and I hope you will like to use this app.

Dream 11 cricket team rules

How to make a cricket team in Dream 11, you have to follow some rules. For example, it is important to have three Boler and one wicket keeper for work in your team. In the all-rounder, you can choose one player or more. In batsman you have to choose at least three players. According to all these rules, only the cricket team formed will be valid. By the way, you can create a maximum of 20 teams in one account, but in contrast you can join more than one. Read the steps mentioned below for how you can build a balanced cricket team.

How To Make Cricket team In Dream 11

  • First of all download dream 11 application from chrome browser
  • After that do account registration in dream 11
  • Now choose cricket game
  • Now choose the match in whichever match you want to put the team. T10 Mach, T20 Mach
  • First select one or more wiki keeper
  • Now select three or more players
  • After that choose one or more all-rounder players
  • Now choose three or more Boler players
  • Now your team has been formed and you can join it in any contest.


How To Earn Money From YouTube

What Is YouTube

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and also an android application. About 10 billion people have downloaded Youtube, which is a big deal now. Nowadays, lakhs of people earn money in lakhs by creating their channel, even a common man can use this app easily. Wherever we go in this world, youtuber is found in every house. We can upload videos on Youtube by making and uploading those videos, we can keep those videos private and also public. We can earn money by placing ads on video through google adsense and some companies also sponsor you, in return you are given a lot of money. I hope you have got the information about youtube.

How To Earn Money From YouTube Channel

So friends, you cannot earn money directly by creating a channel on youtube. You have to follow some rules of YouTube according to them.

First of all you have to create a youtube channel, after that upload one or more videos per day on it, when your channel will grow and your channel will get thousands of views, then you can earn money from the channel.

They have to follow some rules to monotize Youtube channel. Like it is necessary to have a watch time of 1 thousand subscribers and 4 thousand hrous on your channel, and the videos should not be copied to any other channels.

When your channel has a watch time of 1 thousand subscribers and 4 thousand hrous, the channel has to be applied for monotiz. Almost your channel will be monotiz in 36 hours. After that, using the yt studio app, you have to turn on ads on your videos.

Money on Youtube videos is given to you according to the categories and length of the videos.

How To Make Money From YouTube Sponser

So friends, your channel will get bigger and a lot of views will start coming, then some companies will contact you and ask you to permit your brand. In return, you will be given a substantial amount. To sponsor, make a short video of that brand and put it in your video. I hope you have got complete information about earning money from sponsor on youtube.


How To Make Money Online With Ludo Game

What is Lodo

Ludo is an Indian game according to the Puranas, which people have been playing since ancient times. Ludo was called the twenty-five game in ancient times. In today’s time, twenty five games have been converted into Ludo game and the rules of its playing have also changed. According to the Puranas, Ludo game was started in the time of Lord Vishnu and Shiva. Later in Mahabharata also this game was played between Pandavas and Koravo. In ancient times the rules of this game were different. Nowadays this game is played online in smart phone, to be honest, people are earning lakhs of money sitting at home from this ludo game. So if you also want to earn money from Ludo game then read this article till the end.

How To Make Money From Ludo Game

Ludo game is played between two or more people and your mind must be very sharp to play this game otherwise you can do it too. In this game there are some 16 squares and there are four boxes of four colours. The game consists of a cube shaped dice with numbers from one to six written on it. This dice is rolled, whichever number comes, it has to be moved up the ranks accordingly. So now you must have understood how to play Ludo game.

You can also earn money by playing this game online. But you also have to invest some money. You can play this game like mpl, gamey etc.


How To Earn Money Online From Mpl

What is Mpl

Mpl is an internet based online earning android application and also website. With this app people are earning money in lakhs sitting at home and you can also earn. Mpl is very easy to use, just do account registration by entering gamil I’d and you can easily download it from chrome browser. Well, you all must know that nowadays everyone wants to earn money online, but many people are not able to earn money online yet.

Way To Earn Money From Mpl

So for that people mpl is a good chance where you can win money. In Mpl you get to see many games like cricket fantasy, football, call break, carrom board, tim pati, rummy, archery etc. Monthly articles can be earned by playing all these games.

mpl is very popular in this world and people like to use it very much. I know you have come in search of online earning app and here I am going to tell you a good way to earn online.

The best sports in Mpl are cricket and football, in these only you can make your team and win in lakhs and this is also a good chance for you. If you also have a dream of earning lakhs, then the information given by us is beneficial for you.

I hope you have got complete information about mpl online earning.


How To Earn Money Online With gamezy App

What Is Gamezy App

Gamezy is an internet based online earning application, inside which there are many games available. Millions of money can be earned by playing those games. Gamezy app was created in 2018 by gamecraft company. You can download this app from chrome browser. There are many earning apps in the Gamezy app and you can win in millions by creating a cricket team too.

Friends, let us tell you that more than one crore people have downloaded the gamezy app. You can use this on your android mobile and you can achieve many new things.

How To Earn Money From Gamezy App

Gamezy app has many games like cricket, tim pati, rummy game etc. By using this apps you can become millionaire overnight. This is a good way for those who want to earn money by playing the game. With Gamezy app you can withdraw money in few seconds. Withdrawal in this app can be done in any way like google pay, phone pay, paytm, UPI paypal etc.

You will be able to withdraw the won cash immediately. Cricket team is the best and best way to earn money from Gamezy app. You can earn in lakhs per day by making your own cricket team.

I hope you will be able to earn money from Gamez app after reading this article completely.


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