VN App Video Editing And VN Filters Download


Hello friends welcome all of you to vn app video editing and vn filters download article. My name is Rakesh Kumar and I have five years experience about video editing. Today’s article is special for those people who upload reels videos on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc.

So people you must know that nowadays reels video editing is running very fast and people are increasing likes and followers by making good reels videos. So if you also want to edit reels videos then this article is beneficial for you. Because in this article I have learned short video editing from VN app.

For those who like to apply colorful filters on their short videos, 50+ VN filters luts are also available, which you will be able to get for free.

From this article you can get complete information from start to finish of VN app and edit reels video like a professional video editor.

VN app is a powerfull app for editing short videos, using which you can make short videos beautiful.


VN App Video Editing And VN Filters Download

VN App Video Editing And VN Filters Download

About VN App

VN is a video editing based android application which is very popular in this world. This app is considered to be the most powerful app for editing shorts videos. There are some types of futures in this app by using which you can increase the beauty of your shorts videos ten times. In this you can also add colorful custom filters and apply on your videos. Friends, if you make reels videos on Instagram or Facebook, then you can edit reels videos very well and till now 100m+ people have installed VN app in their mobile. You can easily download this app from play store and speed up video editing. With the VN app, we can edit short videos in any way, such as solo motion editing, filters, music change, transition add, zoom and template etc.

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VN App Video Editing And How To Use VN App

Editing videos using VN app is very easy and you can give a professional look to your videos in no time. So friends, if you are not familiar with VN video editing, then read this article till the end. In this article I explained from beginning to end how you can use the VN app.

First of all install VN app on your mobile from paly store

Now open the vin app and add the video

After that you will get to see various options like template, speed, filters, split, trim, fx, extract audio etc. By using all these options, you can make the video very attractive.

You can cut the video by using Split – split option, like right corner cut, left corner cut and center cut

FX – Different types of transitions can be put on videos by using fx option, such as spin in, spin out, zoom in, shake, zoom out etc.

Extract audio– With the help of this option you can extract audio from video

Filters – Using the filters option, you can apply different types of filters to your videos like color and blur, light etc. Like fog filter, lune, mood, portrait, aesthetic, film, teal and orange etc.

Template – In this option you will get many video templates made, inside which you can add your photo and make amazing video.

Zoom – With the help of this option, the video can be zoomed in or zoomed out.

Reverse Option This is a great lotus futurs that you can use to bring life to the video

With the help of Rotate option, you can rotate the video on any side.


How To Download VN App Filters

So people you like these 50+ VN app filters and you want to get them, then the link is given below. From there you can easily download these filters. The link is given in the form of media fire, if you are not aware about downloading from media fire then I have given below method. read it.

  •  First click on download button
  •  Now media fire will open automatically
  •  After that press the download arrow
  •  The zip file of Filters will start downloading


How To Add And Use Filters In VN App 

You can easily add filters in VN app, very simple method to add filters. By carefully reading the steps which I have explained in the following below, you can add filters in VN app and apply them on videos.

First of all download the zip file by pressing the download button

After that open VN app in your mobile and add the video

Now add the zip file of the filters by clicking on the filters option

Now you can make videos quite amazing by applying these filters on your reels videos.



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So friends, how did you like this vin app video editing and vn filters download article and what kind of articles do you want to read on our website next. If you have any doubts then you must tell us in the comments below

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