Lightroom Curves Tool Full Tutorial In Mobile

Lightroom Curves Tool Full Tutorial

Lightroom curves tool full tutorial – Curves is one such tool that is in all editing apps and also in software. If you are able to maintain the curves right while editing your picture, then the beauty of the picture increases ten times more. Curves are a common tool and it is a bit difficult to understand. But once you know about the curves tool, then you can put your life in yourself. Be it video or photo, curves can be used in both. Curves have been instrumental in giving a cinematic look to photos and videos. Friends, if you are a photo editor, then it is very important to know about curves tool. Because curves are the only tool by which the beauty of pictures can be easily enhanced.

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Lightroom Curves Tool Full Tutorial
Lightroom Curves Tool Full Tutorial

About – Lightroom App

Lightroom is a great app and software for color effects and lighting adjustments for photos. This app is considered to be the most powerful color grading app in the world and the most important thing about it is that it is very easy to use. Even a normal person can edit photos using Lightroom. Lightroom app was created by adobe company. By the way, lightroom was first made for windows, macbook, pc. But after some time after lightroom became very popular, adobe company decided to release lightroom for android mobile. Seeing the great success of Lightroom on the windows platform, Adobe also made everyone’s android app. You can easily download Lightroom app from play store and do amazing editing of your photos.

If you want more futures in lightroom app then you can buy premium version. Friends, if you are a photo editor then it is important for you to have it in your mobile.


About – Lightroom Curves Tool ➤

What are Curves? Curves are a common tool in editing applications, which are used to correct lighting conditions and color grading of photos. A professional photographer and editor is fully aware of this. If you are also an editor or photographer then you will already be familiar with this tool. But for some newbies who are just learning about photography, the curves tool is important. That’s why today we bring you this lightroom curves tool editing tutorial. We hope you like to know about the curves tool.


Lightroom Curves Tool Full Tutorial ➤

We have made a video for you on youtube of complete information about curves tool in Lightroom app, whose link we are providing you. You can learn more about the curves tool by watching the video from the link. If you want to become a professional photo editor, then watch and understand this curves tool video carefully. We hope that you will like this video of lightroom curves tool and you will also share it with as many people as possible.

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Lightroom Curves Tool Image
Lightroom Curves Tool Image

How To Use Lightroom Curves Tool ➤

Light color comes first in the Curves tool –

Black – The part of the picture in which there is no light, there is absolutely no detail. They are block.

Shadow – The place in the picture where the light is the least and the darkest is called shadow.

Midtone – The part of the picture in which the exposure takes place properly is the midtone.

Highlight – The part of the pictures in which the light is the most and also the detail is highlighted.

White – Means the part of the photo in which there is no darkness, even if there is no detail, it is white.


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Now let’s know about RGB in curves – RGB means – red, green and blue

Friends, let us tell you that these are the primary digital colors. Because you can get any digital color by mixing these colors. Follow the steps below to learn how to use RGB.


 Reverse RedCyan

 Reduce GreenMagenta

 Reduce BlueYellow


Parametric Curves – So friends, whenever you correct the lighting in the picture using curves, the line monuments a lot. That’s why there is a parametric curve tool available in Curves in Lightroom. Using which you will adjust the light and colors in the pictures, then the monument of the line will be very less. Lightroom curves tool photo editing.


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So guys, how did you like this lightroom curves tool full tutorial article and what kind of articles do you want to read on our website next. If you have any problem in downloading anything. You must tell us all this in the comments.

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