Top Videography Tricks And Tips In Mobile

Top Creative Videography Tricks And Tips In Mobile

Top Videography Tricks And Tips In Mobile –  Friends, in today’s article we are going to tell you about top videography tricks & tips using your smart phone. The final results of videography are going to be very bang, you would think that especially we would have known these tricks & tips earlier. Today everyone knows that people are increasing likes and follows by uploading reela videos on social media platforms. If you also make reels videos on Instagram or Facebook, then articles can be important for you. That’s why read this article completely.

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Top Videography Tricks And Tips In Mobile Full information 

So people if you want to watch video of 5 mobile photography and videography then you can watch on our channel ur smart maker. In the video I have told you in a proper way how you can do photography and videography with the help of your smart phone. Friends, we have told some such new tricks and tips in the video that you will not find anywhere. Well you must have seen many videos about photography and videography in this world. But those videos do not contain complete information. That’s why I have made a complete video on photography and videography for you so that you can do photography like a professional photographer by watching this video.

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Top Videography Tricks And Tips _ Method ➤

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 Tricks – One Creative Reels Videography

In the first videography tricks, I have done a creative videography for you guys and I will also tell you the editing. So how to shoot it and record the video in this way. For this read this game carefully.

First of all, find a place which is slightly above the ground like a stone wall or gata.

Now put the mobile on the tripod and keep that tripod at that place.

After that, now you have to take a big cloth of green color and lay it down right in front of the tripod.

Now we have given the link of a video for shooting further video. Look at him


Tricks – Two Creative Videography With Inchi Tep 

In trick number two, I have done creative reels videography for you. I have spent a lot of time and effort in this videography. So hope you like this videography.

So first I took a measuring tape, after that I took a mobile holder which is mounted on the tripod.

Now I pasted that mobile holder on the measuring tape and also put the mobile in the hodder.

After that, I started the video recording of my mobile.

Now watch the video below for further video shooting.


Tricks – Two Creative Videography Trick With Water 

So friends, in trick number three, I have done creative videography for you in water. So read carefully how to do video shooting.

First of all, take a water proof plastic pouch, put the mobile inside this pouch. One thing must be kept in mind that that pouch should not be torn from anywhere.

This video has to be shot near the water tap in the house. Now the video recording has to be started, after that the phone is placed under the tap by raising the camera. Now turn on the water and after a few seconds turn off the video.

Then you have to find a place where there is water like river, sea, pond etc.

After that, while turning the phone upside down, put it under water and start the video. After starting the video, the phone has to be pulled out slowly. The model will walk in the water in front of the camera. Now if you watch the video below for editing.


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So how did people like your videography tricks & tips article and what kind of articles do you want to read on our website next. If you have any problem in downloading anything. You must tell us all this in the comments.


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